The Sterling Heights, Michigan facility that makes the Ram 1500. However, just 58% of its parts are produced in the US and Canada. 

Here is how the Ram 1500 compares to the competition considering that no vehicle is entirely built in the USA.

How do you measure American-made? Trying to determine how "American-made" a car really is may be difficult. 

The American Automobile Labeling Act was therefore enacted by the government. 

Every new car's maker is required to list the assembly location and the proportion of US and Canadian-made parts on the window sticker.

That ends the matter, right? Wait a minute. What if an important part of an automobile, like the engine or gearbox, is produced somewhere else? 

What if it conducts development and research elsewhere?

When rating the cars that were built in the United States the most, put a lot of emphasis on how many jobs each car generated. 

It considered the place of assembly and the percentage of components made in the US and Canada. 

The motor and transmission were then given more weight.

In the end, it compared the number of individuals employed in US manufacturing to the size of the organisation.

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