The same questions are asked by the EV-curious whether they are in an electric vehicle or motorcycle. 

However, the two-wheeled community isn't simply concerned about charging times and range.

Many continue to hold onto the belief that "loud pipes save lives," which makes them leery of devices like the 2022 LiveWire One. 

The electric Harley-Davidson is too quiet, they say, to be safe on crowded streets. 

The LiveWire One doesn't have a noisy pipe, but that doesn't make it dangerous.

The 2022 LiveWire One isn’t V-twin loud, but it still makes noise

Yes, electric motorcycles are rather quiet when compared to their gas-powered counterparts. 

Battery-powered bikes, however, aren't fully silent (unless they're built to be), much like four-wheeled EVs. And the LiveWire One from 2022 is not an exception.

Before I briefly rode the One and Zero SR/F back-to-back last year, I assumed that they would sound very similar. 

Although both bikes generated noise, the Harley electric motorbike couldn't compete with the Zero's voice. 

And I can attest that the 2022 model has a unique sound after riding it for many weeks across Chicagoland. 

Mind you, not a loud voice, but that's not always a negative thing.