With the Honda Civic Type R, Honda is at it again, dominating racetracks across the globe and winning bragging rights. 

But this time, they accomplished it at their own racetrack, the Suzuka Circuit, 

and with the Limited Edition model of the pocket rocket. Was its lap time, however, fast enough to outperform the Ferrari F40 on the same track?

The 2021 Honda Civic Type R’s improvements help a lot

For the 2020 model year, the Honda Civic Type R received extensive upgrades, including improved suspension, brakes, engine cooling, 

and minor bumper and aero modifications. Honda claims that the larger front grille of the Civic Type R makes it run 18 degrees cooler on the track.

To help boost downforce, a new front splitter was also installed to the front bumper. 

The vehicle's Adaptive Damper Suspension computer reads inputs ten times faster to change the suspension in accordance with the inputs.

This computer wizardry results in more responsive handling and a better ride for regular driving, as you might expect.

Additionally, the brakes are a two-piece design, which reduces unsprung weight by 2.5 pounds per brake, 

and the suspension parts of the Civic Type R, such as the ball joints and bushings, are now 10% stronger. 

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