Do you have experience riding a Honda ATC 250R? No? Count yourself fortunate. Yes? So, rejoice that you're still here.

In 1981, Big Red unveiled the ATC 250R, the first very effective three-wheeled ATV. 

By 1985, the 248cc two-stroke single engine in the thumper will switch to liquid cooling and a smaller 246cc displacement. 

During those four years, the ATC experienced two significant modifications, receiving a six-speed gearbox, Pro-Link suspension, and changes to fuel distribution.

Unfortunately, despite all those improvements, the off-road trike's terrible safety record remained unchanged. 

 By 1986, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had reached an agreement with manufacturers to stop making and selling three-wheeled ATVs, 

including the notorious Honda ATC 250R, due to a high number of accident complaints and the ensuing legal action.

However, the CPSC wasn't happy with retailers just taking devices off the showroom floors. 

Sellers were compelled by the agency to remove the engines and cut the frames of the remaining ATC stock.

These initiatives served to deter trail use by illegal 250Rs. After nearly 40 years, it appears that the CPSC's long-standing prohibition was ineffective in 

preventing popular YouTube channel Donut Media from obtaining one of Honda's infamous three-wheelers.