Dodge Charger is no more, but Charger shall survive! The current Dodge Charger will only be produced for another two years.

All of Dodge's existing vehicles will be replaced by a completely new lineup by 2024. 

Does this imply that we will soon receive an electric Charger?

Stellantis EV Day 2021: the future of Dodge eMuscle

Stellantis, the fourth-largest carmaker in the world, has fourteen brands, Dodge being one of them. 

The inaugural Stellantis EV Day was conducted at the beginning of November 2021. 

Its global brands submitted plans for fleets that are effective, electric, and future-proof. A plan to combine all of Stellantis Corporate's vehicles onto four platforms was offered.

All four of its platforms will be available as battery-powered automobiles. The first is "STLA Small," which was created for effective city transportation. 

The second, called "STLA Medium," is designed for high-end automobiles from various companies. 

The third category is called "STLA Large" and it will include all the American Muscle and AWD performance cars. 

The fourth option is "STLA frame," which is made for full-frame automobiles and offers functionality.

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