Classic 1969 Dodge muscle car, transforms into a wide ass beast in this stunning digital rendering.

One of the greatest examples of a vintage muscle automobile is the Dodge Charger. 

Although it remains quite popular even in 2022, changing one of them could enrage many purists who prefer it remain exactly as it is. 

However, this can be done without ever touching an actual automobile thanks to digital automotive representations. 

Rostislav Prokop, a very skilled digital renderer, created this magnificent image of a 1969 Charger, which he named "HellDog" to underline its untamed character.

Examining The HellDog Closely This Charger's portrayal is undoubtedly quite weird. The Charger's recognisable overall fascia is still visible at the front. 

But we can't help but notice the rather bigger splitter that adorns the front of this very amazing automobile. 

It is securely attached by struts on either side and prominently protrudes in a not-so-subtle way. 

The Charger's enormous front wheel fenders, which house the new, wider tyres on the vehicle, are next in focus, followed by the car's enormous scoop and front wheel fenders. 

The Charger features additional body panels, nearly giving it the appearance of a modified JDM vehicle.

Checking Out The Rest Of The Car The Charger's dark, threatening gloss black paint job by Prokop makes it difficult to notice some details, but there are still many to be seen all around the vehicle. 

The front quarter panels are now larger overall, and the front fenders wrap completely around the front wheels.

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