Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, stating it is unlike anything else on the market. 

That is accurate, however the first-generation Honda Ridgeline is an unusual pickup truck that the Cybertruck shares a number of crucial traits with.

The construction of the Cybertruck and Honda Ridgeline differs from that of conventional trucks. 

They use a unibody design, which is the same as that of the majority of passenger cars.

The Cybertruck and Ridgeline are constructed around what is effectively a metal cage rather than a body resting on a frame. 

Since Tesla doesn't want a big, cumbersome structure under the body, a unibody vehicle makes sense. 

Tesla wants the batteries beneath the car and covers them with the body to keep them safe.

The vehicle must feature a sail pillar, a crucial design component, due to the unibody pickup construction, in order to support high-capacity towing.

Instead of engine power, a car's body design is typically what limits how much it can pull. 

The vehicle's structure is under a lot of strain when being towed. You want to pull harder? Build a stronger frame for the truck.

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