BMW has finally taken the wraps off its XM Super SUV, and it is one of the boldest SUV designs we have seen in recent years

BMW already presented their new XM concept in late 2021. 

This was a sneak peek at a future M vehicle from the BMW M division, 

which would launch the German automaker into the Super SUV age and put it on par with Lamborghini and Ferrari. 

Its size, grille form, and a few peculiar angles made it rather contentious, like many BMW designs over the last few years. 

But if BMW meant to spark conversation, the XM undoubtedly succeeded in doing so.

September 2022 has arrived, and BMW has finally shown the production model of their new Super SUV. 

The new BMW XM is the first vehicle to carry the moniker and marks the debut of the BMW M division's high-performance hybrid vehicle.

Since the first M1 supercar, it is also the first M vehicle that is totally customised. 

BMW is making a statement with the new XM as it prepares to compete with vehicles like the Urus, Purosange, DBX, and others.

BMW has transformed the Super SUV market.

The New XM Is The Most Powerful M-Division Vehicle Ever

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