It goes without saying that the Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, often known as the Warthog, 

it is the greatest close-air support aircraft ever created. The nose of the aircraft is one of the main causes.

Yes, we are referring to the GAU-8, a seven-barrel Gatling gun that shoots a depleted uranium 30mm cartridge. 

The goal of this weapon was to render tanks deader than the zombies from The Walking Dead.

You could believe a tank can't be killed with a 30mm gun. It is, provided you approach the tank head-on.

However, when you shoot from above the tank, you are shooting for the area where the armour is the thinnest. 

This is due to the fact that the crew must be able to open the hatches in order to be able to evacuate the tank through them. 

Oh, and those hatches are also where the crew of the tank receives the food, drink, and ammunition they need to function.

The A-10 appears to have been built with the GAU-8 in mind. That's accurate.

This cannon, which shoots at a rate of 3,900 to 4,200 rounds per minute, can hold 1,174 rounds. 

That translates to a firing time of 16.77 to 18 seconds. A target may be killed by the gun from up to two and a half miles distant.

The Air Force is holding a contest to choose which aircraft will take the position of the A-10.

Four competitors have taken off to compete for the OA-X contract, but none of them are equipped with this potent weapon. 

Reopening the A-10 assembly line seems like it could be a better option, no?

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