SpaceX Crew Dragon flights offer ticket prices unmatched by any alternative.

The space industry has altered during the past eight years.

The Crew Dragon and Starliner, two new human-rated spacecraft, were ordered by NASA in 2014 from SpaceX and Boeing (BA -2.84%). 

Up to six crewed flights to the International Space Station would be flown by each business after it had demonstrated that their spacecraft could fly safely.

Boeing has yet to finish its test flights and hasn't carried out even a single crewed trip. 

Though SpaceX? It has been a spectacular success that contract.

The 2020 Demo-2 mission, which signalled America's return to crewed spaceflight, was followed by Crew-1 later that year, Crew-2 in 2021, and Crew-3 in 2022.

SpaceX has successfully conducted four crewed spaceflights for NASA. 

NASA has requested SpaceX's assistance in order to maintain the ISS populated with humans in the next years, 

as Crew-4 is scheduled to launch on April 15 but Boeing is still stranded.

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