People are understandably perplexed by the idea of a second Tesla Cybertruck given that the first one hasn't even been released yet. 

Yes, as Musk said, a smaller vehicle may be perfect for a global market.

The manufacture of the Cybertruck has been frequently delayed, and reservation holders are still waiting for their electric vehicles, 

so perhaps adding a second truck won't be as well received as first thought. 

Additionally, despite removing information like pricing from the Tesla website, Tesla is still accepting bookings for the Cybertruck.

Would the creation of a newer, more compact Cybertruck affect the first Cybertruck's production? On that, nothing is known as of yet. 

Will potential consumers be more inclined to make deposits on a smaller, 

more traditional electric vehicle or will investors be more eager to invest in the new Cybertruck? It is doable.

It's important to remember that Tesla has more vehicles that, although being revealed years ago, are still in the pre-production stage. 

We still don't know when the Tesla Roadster and Semi will get past the concept stage, and we're waiting for that information to be released. 

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