If you are charging at Teslas Superchargers, it is usually around $0.25/kWh, as long as you bought a Model S or Model X after January 2017.

Tesla models that do not qualify for free charging must pay for the use of the superchargers.

Some Model S and X owners are allowed to use the Superchargers free of charge, 

but others, including Model 3 owners, must pay. Plus, thanks to Teslas Destination Chargers, Tesla owners can recharge their cars even if they are nowhere near a Supercharger.

With Teslas vast network of charging stations -- and incredibly quick ones at that -- Tesla owners can travel great distances knowing that their cars batteries will take them all the way there.

These Tesla Supercharging stations are located on every major Interstate, 

making it possible for Tesla owners to drive great distances without worrying about getting charged. 

A Tesla-exclusive charging station is usually located at market centers or places with other businesses, so the driver can take some time off to recharge.

Current Tesla owners who have Supercharged-equipped cars will be able to take advantage of free, 

quick-charging stations at no cost over the lifetime of these vehicles, with a Tesla representative telling The Verge the free charging will be passed down to subsequent owners.