What if Tesla could sell a more quickly a smaller, unibody Cybertruck? 

Would it be a wise decision? Why Tesla hasn't already thought about this as a possibility may be a mystery to some Tesla supporters and owners.

 Although it hasn't made any announcement of any such plans, it's likely that the manufacturer has considered related concepts.

Yes, many people like full-size half-ton pickups over the smaller models, but little vehicles are gradually becoming more and more popular. 

Ford recently released the little hybrid Maverick, and it's doing really well. Ford's tiny SUVs, the Escape and Bronco, 

share a smaller unibody chassis with the Maverick, and Ford is most likely planning to release an electric version of the little vehicle in the future.

Hyundai just unveiled the tiny Tucson crossover, which has undergone a complete redesign, and the Santa Cruz pickup truck, which is smaller.

 Hyundai already offers the Tucson as a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), so it won't be shocking if they electrify the Santa Cruz in the future.