Dodge may be in their heyday right now, but the journey hasn’t always been rosy.

In the last ten years, Dodge has produced a tonne of extremely exciting vehicles. 

This is partly because of the Hellcat engines' incredible power. 

However, Dodge was as generic as they come in the mid- to late 2000s, notably with the Charger SE. 

It is sad that the Charger SE during these years was a letdown in many respects considering this was the first iteration of the Charger since its demise as a real bona fide muscle car.

Having such a boring car at such a young age did Dodge no favours when they most needed it. 

Thankfully, such times are mostly in the past. However, we think it is still important to be cautious when driving any Dodge Charger SE from 2006 to 2010.

Here is everything that makes the Charger SE a subpar car even when it was new.

The Charger SE Has A Dismal Interior At Best The Charger SE was not exempt from Chrysler's general reputation at the time for having subpar interiors. 

Cheap rigid plastics with an unappealing light grey tone are widely available. 

The lack of particular interior touches shows that the development budget was not very generous.

The inside of the Charger was identical to that of virtually any other Chrysler vehicle at the time. 

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