The trailblazing BMW i8 combined emission-free mobility with high performance, adding ‘eco-friendliness’ to supercar driving.

The stunning i8 Coupe from BMW was a much-anticipated innovation. 

This was BMW's first attempt to create a quick sports vehicle with cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology, 

from a concept car to a fully functional road-going production model. In fact, the i8 was intended to serve as the company's new efficiency I range's flagship. 

The design of the i8 became its primary talking point and was far out of his league. 

Nearly eight years after its debut, the i8's revolutionary design is still in vogue.

With its cutting-edge design and mid-engine arrangement, it startled the automotive industry when it was unveiled in 2014 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

BMW showed how far behind the competition it was in developing sporty and appealing hybrid automobiles.

The creative design was also an aerodynamics tutorial. With all of its advanced technology, 

the groundbreaking BMW added "eco-friendliness" to driving supercars by fusing emission-free mobility with great performance.

The BMW i8 not only became the best-selling hybrid sports vehicle in the world, 

but it also won several accolades for its ground-breaking style and idea. 

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