The CC850 is a homage tribute to the original CC8S from the early 2000s has us delighted and we're restless to drive one.

The all-new Koenigsegg hypercar is breathtakingly beautiful; 

it reminds us of how we felt as children the first time we ever saw Koenigsegg's CC8S in the early 2000s. 

The Swedish automaker is reviving that exact same brand under a new moniker, the CC850. It might seem like a small change—in the name, certainly, but not the vehicle.

The iconic CC8S has been updated into the CC850. 

Additionally, to commemorate the brand's 20 years in existence and the 50th birthday of Christian Von Koenigsegg, the CEO of Koenigsegg, who turned 50 this year. 

Only 50 CC850s will be produced for clients worldwide; this fact alone suggests that it will become a future supercar legend.

The CC850 is significant to Koenigsegg since the CC8S, to which it pays tribute, was the vehicle that initially launched the business. 

Since it was so popular, practically everyone with an exotic automobile collection went out and purchased one. 

It's appropriate to play the spoiler now that EV hypercars are getting more and more popular because the CC850 is not an EV. 

A creative strategy to temporarily turn potential purchasers of hypercars away from EVs.

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