The last Dodge Viper was produced in 2017 as it was discontinued due to poor sales. Let's find out the reasons for its uninspiring sales.

At first glance, the Dodge Viper appeared to have everything going for it: a potent engine, a passable design, and a sleek, sporty interior. 

However, sales were subpar when compared to its illustrious rivals. 

Misrepresentations and a negative reputation also hurt the selling of cars. 

Others criticised the Viper's antiquated technology and safety measures, while some said it was too noisy. 

Notably, Europeans also weren't big fans of the Viper since they liked to point out its flaws.

The Dodge Viper wasn't a "poor automobile" or even an uninteresting one, like those that are on every road these days, despite its flaws. 

That the Viper (a 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10) appeared in the ultimate auto racing tale, 

The Fast And Furious, didn't improve the brand's reputation or create a devoted client base outside of the United States is even more astonishing. What went wrong, then?

The Dodge Viper: Rivals Offered Far More Competitive Cars

Even though the Viper enjoyed a sizable following, 

few would contest that this American bull could defeat more renowned and acclaimed European rivals like the Porsche GT3 RS or even the Ferrari 458 ...

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