We’ll go as far as to call the Dodge Challenger, specifically, the ludicrously powerful SRT Hellcat, the last great muscle car sold in America.

Dodge is the only one paying any attention to its heritage. Surprisingly, the brand's core components have mainly not changed. 

We couldn't agree more that Dodge's relevance and achievements are frequently commended for how bizarre and absurd they appear.

In the world of muscle automobiles, the phrase "Mopar or no car" is a maxim.

Companies like Dodge are truly embracing internal combustion engines while the car industry transitions to alternative energy.

In the years to follow, the sheer volume of raw drama and sense of occasion will probably stay unsurpassed and deserving of appreciation. 

It's difficult to believe that the end is nigh when the Hellcat siblings are actually flipping environmentalists and testing the absolute boundaries of emissions. 

But as the saying goes, nothing is truly over until it is.

If we're being really honest, the Dodge Challenger is the only vehicle we would suggest to die-hard fans of muscle cars. 

The Challenger is the most distinctive of all the contemporary muscle cars, while being heavier and less nimble than its sports car competitors.

In all honesty, the Challenger is in a league of its own thanks to the Hellcat treatment. 

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is the last truly fantastic muscle vehicle, if we may say so. 

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