BMW's 1M is an adorable sports car that stays true to its "sheer driving pleasure" tagline. And people are soon going to realize its true value!

BMW knew it would never be simple to replace the M3, and even though the E90 model debuted in 2008, the corporation desired something more compact and "cheap." 

The M3 was a vehicle that constantly had a smile on its face and encouraged its drivers to do the same. 

It was a sad day for purists when the race-bred M3 went out into the sunset in the 1990s.

Undoubtedly, there have been quicker and more capable 3-Series models, but yet, throughout the years, 

BMW aficionados have felt that the Three has always been lacking something. 

However, things were about to improve after the release of the BMW 1M Coupe. 

The 1M, a car based on the 1 Series, had a straight-six engine that produced 339 horsepower, a small body, enhanced suspension, and was designed to be thrilling to drive.

When the Motorsport-built 1 Series was originally shown, it appeared to be the range's ugly duckling, but as time has gone on, more people have come to admire it. 

It wasn't your typical BMW with its widened wheel arches, aggressive body package, and huge 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels. 

It was a BMW with some tricks up its sleeve and it's still quite sought-after on the secondhand vehicle market today.

BMW 1M Is Appreciating In Value Other bits set it apart from other BMW offerings, like quad exhaust pipes, the M badges, and chrome vents on the front fenders.

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