It's not going to be cheap, but for anyone dreaming of buying the new Civic Type R, you are going to have one hoot of a time!

Both the standard Honda Civic and the Honda Civic Type R are iconic vehicles. 

One is for the hurried surgeon, and the other is for the family doctor. The Civic Type R is not your typical car and has been around for a few decades.

It's the most extreme Honda ever produced (apart from the Acura NSX), and unlike the Honda supercar, 

which requires wealth, the hot hatch is more approachable for someone with a well-organized investing strategy.

It has become a legend among hot hatches from many manufacturers, and with good cause.

Recently, the most recent FL5 Honda Civic Type R was introduced to the world, and it has since garnered more attention than Netflix. 

It replaces the FK8 model, therefore it has large shoes to fill as the FK8 was one of the greatest hot hatchbacks up until the vehicle's manufacturing was halted sometime last year. 

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R has already attracted the attention of enthusiasts, and sales of the vehicle have begun.

Every time the Civic Type R was introduced over the years, it had a different appearance, and it received both praise and criticism. 

Every time Honda unveiled a new Type R, it became visibly more aggressive, boasting more air ducts 

and vents as well as wider wings to signal to the public that this was no ordinary Civic. 

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