With exception of the price, Honda has confirmed performance specs of the new hot hatch which will offer 315 hp.

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R's introduction was welcomed with a great deal of anticipation. 

For many years, the Honda Civic Type R has been a well-liked model in the Honda lineup. Over the years, it has undergone several technical and aesthetic improvements. 

With some of the best Type R aesthetics in recent memory, this most recent version has created a great deal of enthusiasm, 

but Honda has been keeping the exact performance numbers of this newest and greatest Type R quite a mystery for a long.

But not as much anymore. The Japanese automaker has finally provided the performance numbers for this car that we have been hankering after, 

but we still don't know how much the newest Type R will cost. 

Additionally, Honda has now revealed the US spec power statistics, which makes the forthcoming Type R release even more exciting. 

We also have some delicious new pictures of the vehicle in a variety of colours that we can obtain them in. 

As we get ready to finally get our hands on the new Civic Type R, here is all we recently discovered about it.

Honda Finally Confirms Performance Specs Of The 2023 Civic Type R

The US specification power figures are what we are really excited about here, figures Honda has only teased when they revealed the car around a month ago.

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