Dodge’s muscle sedan has gone strong for more than a decade. Nonetheless, we want these upgrades on the next generation models.

Dodge has demonstrated at least one good practise. The brand's selection is rapidly dwindling, and it does not provide the most recent technologies. 

Such things demonstrate that they are not the ideal option for everybody. 

But anything involving muscle vehicles is something they excel at. 

With their extreme horsepower levels and powerful exhaust growl, these cars are true emotional machines.

The Charger was the muscle vehicle that kicked off everything for Dodge in the current age. 

For the 2005 model year, it was revived, this time as a four-door sedan as opposed to the two-door coupe it had previously been.

The Charger is still a fierce rival in the segment even though it is now in its second generation since being revived. 

But that does not negate the fact that it is ageing and growing closer to death. 

We anticipate that the next Charger will continue to exemplify everything that defines a superb muscle vehicle.

Here is everything that we would want Dodge to include on the redesigned Charger.

Next Generation Dodge Charger: More Amazingly Hellish Powertrains

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