The Mission District in San Francisco is the ideal location for experimenting with the iPhone's new 48-megapixel primary camera, Cinematic mode, and Action mode.

The improved cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro should be attractive to photographers, filmmakers, and other creative types who use TikTok and YouTube. 

Apple added a bigger, 48-megapixel sensor to the iPhone's camera, among other important upgrades.

Apple's updated image processing technology, which is also used by the 14 Pro, is designed to enhance image quality in low-light situations. 

With the new A16 Bionic chip, you can take advantage of features like a new video stabilisation mode, 

4K Cinematic mode video recording, larger resolution ProRaw shots, 

and greater image quality for both still and moving images while shooting in medium- and low-light conditions.

The Mission District and the Embarcadero are two of my favourite sites in San Francisco, so I spent a week documenting them with the iPhone 14 Pro as my primary camera. 

I used the iPhone 14 Pro to take pictures of the fog, alcohol, college marching band, and numerous tacos that I experienced. 

On the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro review sample that Apple had supplied me, I eventually had hundreds of images and dozens of video recordings.

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