While not everyone is a fan of the four-door Charger, there's no denying that it's an impressive muscle sedan.

When it comes to packing massive amounts of power into relatively modest production cars, Dodge is starting to take the lead. 

The Dodge Charger is not a weak vehicle in the first place, but as the name says, the Hellcat edition is something quite different. 

This sedan offers more power than the great majority of supercars for a fraction of the cost, and in the process, some intriguing features were added.

Here is a list of some facts about the Dodge Charger Hellcat that may surprise individuals  ...

who are unfamiliar with it the most or that people may have forgotten.

1.) Eco Mode An ecologically friendly mode is perhaps the last thing anybody would expect to find on an automobile whose main selling point is speed and power. 

The Charger's list of drive modes does, however, contain an environmental option.

You may reduce the Hellcat's maximum power output by switching to eco mode. 

But having so much power all the time isn't always required; 

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