If you've ever wondered how to carry out this V8 engine swap, look no further as throtl takes us through the highs and the lows of the full build.

Anyone who gets in the Dodge Viper is notorious for being terrified by it. But what if its power output was doubled?

The world's first Hellcat Redeye-swapped Dodge Viper made its competition debut earlier this month, 

as shown in the most current series on the throtl YouTube channel. 

It's reasonable to conclude that the automobile was successful given that it came close to winning the Roadkill Nights championship.

The channel has since posted a brief video explaining the build.

The Dodge Viper, A Great Car To Start With The throtl crew gathers around their latest acquisition, an SRII Dodge Viper, as they start their construction, each of them beaming. 

You can see why they're so thrilled as they huddle around an 8-liter V10 with 450 horsepower, and a short ride in the beast is sure to widen their smiles.

The group may start working as soon as the parts Dodge provided for the build arrive. 

While taking the vehicle apart just to discover that extensive hack cutting is required to make the engine fit may have dimmed the joy, 

opening the Hellcat Redeye crate engine must be a magnificent experience.

Fitting A Hellcat Redeye Engine To A Viper May Not Be As Easy As Thought

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