For edgy and futuristic vehicle enthusiasts, the Tesla Cybertruck is simply poetry in motion.

Tesla. Everything is in the name. When you consider Tesla, you also consider innovation, technology, and the future. 

Almost no manufacturer can compete with their degree of electrical car brilliance. They will finally attempt to bring the Tesla Cybertruck to market this year.

According to what we know about the Tesla Cybertruck, the pickup's initial shipments will start to arrive later this year. 

The Cybertruck has a more potent engine than most of its rivals, and then some, with almost as many horses powering the pickup as the 700 horsepower Tesla Model X.

However, the purportedly protected glass on the 2019 Tesla Cybertruck, which was unveiled to a star-struck worldwide audience, 

all but smashed to pieces when a steel ball was thrown at it, shockingly fell short of expectations.

In contrast to previous armoured vehicles, which are mobile fortifications, Musk's claims about the Cybertruck's durability raised a slew of concerns in the crowd.

The lowest set of features for the Tesla Cybertruck will cost you at least $40,000, which begs the question: 

Is it worth it? For fans of cutting-edge and futuristic vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck is nothing less than poetry in action. We might need to list some advantages and disadvantages for everyone else.

The Tesla Cybertruck Costs At Least $40,000