The iconic Aston Martin wings have a new design in 2022, but it has evolved interestingly over the course of 100 years.

Aston Martin is a brand known for creating upscale British sports cars and opulent grand touring vehicles. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people are familiar with Aston Martin as the manufacturer of the DB5, James Bond's preferred vehicle. 

Although it may not be as big as Ford, General Motors, or Toyota, it is just as ancient.

In 1913, Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin established Aston Martin. The business, however, had a difficult beginning. 

The business had to wait three more years after constructing their first automobile in 1915 before resuming manufacturing in 1918.

Its logo is almost as ancient as Aston Martin. After all, the company's logo serves as both a representation of the organisation and a mark of approval for each 

and every car that leaves its assembly line. Whether it's the DB5 or the F1 racing car, its badge designates all vehicles bearing it as Aston Martins.

As a result, throughout the course of over a century, Aston Martin's automobiles and emblem both change. 

In actuality, the Aston Martin logo just underwent another evolution. Simply put, we need an answer to the question of how it got there.

A New Wings Logo For Aston Martin The 2022 Aston Martin logo is the first significant revision of the current design since 2003. 

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