The new electric Hummer pickup from GMC is a bulky crab-walking tank. 

It costs in the low six figures, is enormous, and is also swift. 

The Hummer weights 9,640 pounds, which is equivalent to about six young humpback whales (via Car and Driver). 

In spite of its size, the GMC really uses energy rather efficiently. 

Extended range variants, according to GMC, may go up to 350 miles on a single charge. 

Older Hummers without electric motors were rolling jokes about inefficiency and low single digit fuel economy.

The Ultium platform, a modular EV technology developed by General Motors, 

sits beneath the Hummer and will power the majority of its electric fleet for many years to come. 

From delivery vans to the next all-electric Silverado, GM intends to utilise that platform in a variety of products.

Stats and stats are one thing, but the long-term experience of owning a Hummer EV is quite another. 

When looking for EVs, a buyer's top worries are frequently battery life and replacement prices. 

After the warranty expires, the owner may be stuck with a hefty expense if a cell malfunctions or if the whole battery needs to be replaced. 

It's unusual to discover a full Ultium platform with a functional battery at a junkyard.