KTM's latest supercar takes the racing tech of the X-BOW GT2 and unleashes it in a high-performance road legal supercar

The Ariel Motor Company just just unveiled what is maybe their most ambitious design to yet. 

They are well known for their Atom and Nomad vehicles, but they have now unveiled the amazing Ariel Hipercar. 

With a Cosworth 800v lithium-ion battery, this crazy contraption is undoubtedly one of the most ridiculous performance automobile inventions to emerge in recent years. 

It boasts four engines, all-wheel drive, and an astounding design. But now it has a fresh adversary.

Enter KTM, the masterminds of the magnificent X-Bow. The business, which is most well-known for its motorcycles, just unveiled the new X-BOW GT-R. 

The closest thing to a thoroughbred racing car in a road-legal automobile, according to some, is this.

That is indeed a bold assertion, but one that KTM is prepared to stick by. Even though it isn't an EV, this vehicle appears to be on track to overtake Ariel's Hipercar in the near future. 

This is all there is to know about the newest innovation from one of the craziest automakers.

The X-BOW GT-XR Uses Title Winning Success From The X-BOW GT2

The GT-XR is a powerful vehicle. The KTM X-BOW GT2, a race car that has been practically transformed into a road car, serves as the foundation for this vehicle.

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