YouTuber, Westen Champlin, builds an outrageous muscle car in just two weeks, using a 6.2-liter supercharged Demon engine, given to him by Dodge.

A sneak glance at the automobile that Westen Champlin is creating for the forthcoming Roadkill Nights performance in Detroit is provided on his self-titled YouTube channel. 

Dodge gifted Westen and his team a brand-new Hellcat Charger last year so they could customise it ..

and convert it into a true dragster. Due to its striking army-bomber-style paint job, Westen installed twin turbos, increasing the power output to 1300 hp. 

As a result, it became known in the community as Helljet.

Dodge One Ups Themselves Dodge is sending Westen a crate engine this year rather than a whole vehicle. 

Westen slaps the engine and informs us that it is a 6.2-liter Demon engine with supercharging. He laughs and says, "We've tweaked it a little bit," addressing the obvious.

The only problem Westen has is getting a car to fit it in. He chooses a Dodge Challenger that he had intended to alter with a slight twist. 

The engine, transmission, complete suspension, and wheels are just a few of the important parts that are missing from the vehicle. 

When Dodge duty arises, Westen responds and will sacrifice this project (at least until after the show) to make Dodge proud. 

Westen had planned to construct a Mud Bogger and slap some 44-inch tyres on it.

Building Hellcats Is Easy Westen tells us while mounting the engine to the cross member that building Hellcats comes easy now.

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