Rivian recently discontinued the base-model Explore trim. For many Americans, the Explore trim was the only R1T model they could buy. 

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Are Americans no longer able to afford the Rivian R1T electric truck?

The Rivian R1T will cost you over $70K

The coolest cars ever manufactured in America are being produced by the country's electric future. 

Some of the most costly cars ever produced came from the emerging EV market. The R1T may have amazing performance specifications, 

but those specifications come at a cost that is just too costly for the majority of normal Americans to afford.

America's first electric pickup truck was the Rivian R1T. The R1T is now the priciest electric pickup truck as well. Starting price for the R1T Explore was $67,500. 

Even though it wasn't cheap, the new electric pickup truck's price of around $70K convinced some American shoppers to give it a try.

The Rivian R1T will only be offered in Adventure and Launch Edition trims from this point forward. Starting at a staggering $73,000 is the Adventure trim.

Is the Rivian R1T worth the money?

For some consumers, the Rivian R1incredible T's capabilities make up for its high price. It has an air suspension that can be adjusted. 

The R1T has a maximum ground clearance of 14.9 inches. The truck can easily overcome the majority of off-road difficulties because to its high ground clearance.

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