Every form of wheel is improving, not only the automobiles we drive, which are becoming more ecologically friendly and technologically advanced. 

A self-driving hydrogen fuel cell truck that General Motors has been developing for years with fuel cell technology has the potential to revolutionise disaster relief,

According to Defense News, SURUS, a Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, was also called after the war elephant that Hannibal employed to overthrow the Roman Empire.

SURUS will have the same versatility as Hannibal's elephant in terms of carrying capacity.

SURUS has the potential to completely transform how people use automobiles. 

 It was made with an overall design that would make it both highly effective and emission-free

 SURUS was designed to "minimise human exposure to damage" as well as logistical difficulties in the military, government, and private sectors.

SURUS will be used by GM "to establish a basis for a family" of cars with a common propulsion technology.

The SURUS family might be modified to fit a variety of scenarios, including military settings, disaster assistance, and more

At GM, engineers and scientists have long studied and employed fuel cell technology.

According to Digital Trends, the SURUS vehicle has a GM-designed Hydrotec fuel cell system that generates power for electric motors at each of the truck's axles.

Additionally, SURUS is equipped with a sophisticated hydrogen storage technology that allows it to cruise continuously for more than 400 km.