An international consulting and advising service company called Strategic Vision just awarded the GMC Sierra HD with a 2022 Total Quality Award.

The Strategic Vision Total Quality Impact report, now in its 28th year, 

uses data from the company's New Vehicle Experience Study to identify models that top their respective segments according to customer survey results. 

The most recent New Vehicle Experience Study polled approximately 112,078 new car owners following their first 90 days of ownership, 

taking into account the impact of any vehicle issues as well as the drivers' analytical and intuitive assessments of quality.

Total Quality Impact is calculated by Strategic Vision based on the quantity and seriousness of potential issues with a vehicle. 

The study also examines the vehicle's physical and psychological characteristics, such as how cosy the seats are, 

how well-functioning the sideview mirrors are, how user-friendly the infotainment system is, and how the driver feels when the car is driven around a curve. 

Finally, the calculations consider the emotional characteristics of the car, 

including how strongly a client feels about their new car, the feelings they experience, and the possibility that the consumer will promote their brand and dealership.

Strategic Vision then calculates an overall score for each vehicle considered based on the information provided. 

With a score of 585, the GMC Sierra HD took first place in the Heavy Duty Pickup Segment. 

When deciding on the GMC Sierra HD brand, the company took into account the GMC Sierra 2500HD and GMC Sierra 3500HD.