It's unfortunate that this is the subject of debate. So many pointless efforts to support pointless claims. a culture that values wisdom and tolerates bias.

Many of these responses include biases that are easily visible. Singular desires covered with phoney arguments and reasoning.

It is, as has been said, kind of a popularity battle. It is also evident how much we enjoy rivalry as humans, as in the case of Flash vs. Superman.

Obama against Trump Tesla vs. Einstein. X against Y, etc. Really, so much rubbish At the end of the day, it's all completely pointless.

Who possesses genius? What does the word "genius" mean? Do we adhere to a conventional definition or are there subjective biases at play that we aren't even aware of? 

It may be necessary to reword the question to, for example, "Einsten or Telsa: Who do you personally favour and why?" That, in my opinion, explains the responses more clearly.

A person is formed by a variety of factors, in fact. You cannot pick the experiences you will have in life, but they will or must shape who you become. 

Human nature enjoys receiving (we love gifts, favors, etc). Based on his own choice, Einstein used his brilliance. 

Likewise, Tesla. Two distinct persons with two distinct lives and motivations. 

They cannot be compared since doing so increases the likelihood of prejudice and, thus, of a falsehood.

Tesla's goal was in changing the world for people, and it appears that this is why people adore him so much—he helped them. 

The Earth and the universe were of fascination to Einstein, and he wanted other people to share that curiosity. 

While not everyone is interested in the mathematics of gravity, everyone despises being in the dark without internet access or other modern conveniences.