The Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup made an unexpected guest appearance at my recent backyard birthday party.

Important Reason: Lightning's two-way charging system has been found to have more than just powering construction sites and campgrounds.

A friend of mine used a truck to bring band gear to a party and connect amps and sound systems to many outlets.

Big Question: Can Lightning Power leave enough juice to drive the band home while having a fun rock'n'roll night?

Fortunately, the answer was yes. (I didn't want them to sleep on my floor!)

Context: Exhaust Tones, a band formed by a group of Detroit autowriters, used to play in my backyard.

This time, Autoweek Editor-in-Chief Tom Murphy suggested a crazy idea. 

The $ 93,509 Super Crew Platinum Lightning model went on sale the same weekend as my party, so why did you take advantage of it?

Instead of connecting the device to the garage as before, do everything from Lightning's 9.6kW ProPower onboard system.

Description: He cut the pickup in half in my garage, allowing the bed to be used as a drum riser.

Next, I connected two huge PA speakers, three monitors, four amplifiers, a 12-channel mixer, and a guitar pedal to the bed.

After tripping the truck's onboard circuit breaker multiple times, he decided to expand his power draw to get the most out of Lightning's numerous outlets.