You don't need to be on the fence anymore about getting a Ford F-150 Lightning. 

That's because you can no longer purchase one. Ford has finished taking orders for the first manufacturing year. 

Make up your decision before the manufacturing of the next year or you could have to wait even longer.

Some F-150 Lightning models were already sold out

This is where we've been edging toward for several weeks. The Lightning Pro and XLT versions' bookings have already ended, according to a recent article by our own Allison Barfield. 

The Lariat or Platinum versions were the only trims still available. But as of right moment, reservations for them are no longer accepted. That's all, then.

If you must have an F-150 Lightning, you have alternatives. You can try your luck persuading a dealer that you will pay far more than MSRP for one. 

Much, much more. Alternately, you might wait until the order books open in 2023. Unless you steal one, they are pretty much your only alternatives.

Now, some of you shouldn't feel entirely horrible as you consider going through the humiliation of haggling how much more than sticker price you'll pay the dealer. 

Additionally, those who make reservations pay more than MSRP. They mistakenly believed they had a contract with Ford. Dealers, however, are separate from Ford.

Early customers for the F-150 Lightning are paying more than sticker

Those who sent early reservation deposits in good faith are now discovering that dealer markups have resulted in them paying significantly more.