The Ford Motor Company continues its tradition of providing police cars, but this time it's completely electric.

Today, Ford unveiled the F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle-which American automakers ...

call the first electric pickup in the United States developed for police purposes.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Blue Oval is the brand's first all-electric pickup and has the potential to transform EV adoption,

especially in the United States, where the F-Series has long been a truck champion.

Lightning shipments began last spring and early customer feedback was very encouraging. 

Long before the Ford Motor Company began supplying electric vehicles, it supplied police vehicles for protection and maintenance ... in fact, for over 70 years.

According to Ford Pro, police stations have more than 12,000 customers in the United States alone, 

and automakers sell police vehicles in the dark more than their competitors.

Speaking of which, American car maker Chevy recently announced an all-electric "police chase" version of the Blazer EV,