Ford and Electrify America (EA) teamed up two years ago to offer Mustang Mach-E purchasers 250 kW of free charging at EA stations. 

Ford did the same with its electric truck when the F-150 Lightning hit the milestone of deliveries in all 50 states.

 Retail purchasers, which includes everyone except Pro buyers at this time, may plug in and start filling their "tanks" right now. 

According to EA, the 250 kilowatt-hours of fast-charging energy are equivalent to roughly three "fill-ups,"

or nearly complete charging sessions, or up to 575 miles of electric driving for F-150 Lightning customers with the standard-range battery. 

For drivers who are wise enough to plug in before the pack runs out, the figure is nearly correct because the normal range battery has 98 useful kilowatt-hours.

Owners with the extended-range battery could get two fill-ups of the pack with 131 usable kilowatt-hours.

The variety of free charging offers from manufacturers demonstrates that they are still figuring out how to provide customers additional range away from home.

Businesses like Ford and Volvo advertise a 250 kWh battery that owners may redeem whenever they want. 

For the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson is giving away 500 kWh for free. 

This amount will let you to ride for over 3,200 miles on a single charge of the 15.4 kWh battery. Kia provides 1,000 kWh that may be utilised whenever.

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