The barn find muscle car, is, surprisingly, attracting some attention despite its poor condition, and we are hoping the right person can restore it.

In 1968, Dodge launched the second generation of its Dodge Charger cars, with a scheduled output of 35,000. 

Demand was so great that the 1968 Dodge Charger's manufacturing was raised to 96,100 units. 

Both then and now, people still find it to be popular. 

We're hoping that someone will be able to rescue this incredible 1986 Charger that was discovered in a barn.

A Charming Mess Of A Classic Muscle Car The majority of vintage 1986 Dodge Chargers are self-explanatory. 

Nobody really has to describe this Dodge model though since it is so deep. 

Despite being a complete disaster, it is nonetheless appealing due to its history and branding.

Although the Charger is an original model, there is no history file available, making it impossible to determine what model number this could be.

This barn discovery is really drivable, which is impossible to believe. 

However, as it isn't used much, it could be a little rusty and rough. The leaf springs and back end are the key parts that are still in tact. 

Any new owner, though, ought to be wise enough to take them out and start again.

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