The two muscle cars take to the track for an epic drag racing battle, with a Dodge Charger Hellcat also challenging the Mustang in a separate race.

Everybody enjoys watching drag races. Nothing is more exciting than watching two automobiles compete to determine ...

which is the quickest as they race down the quarter-mile.

 There are several drag racing videos on YouTube as well, showcasing these magnificent vehicles in action. 

Some fantastic drag races can be seen on the Wheels YouTube channel. 

In this video, a Ford Mustang EcoBoost competes against a Dodge Charger 392, as well as a Dodge Hellcat Charger.

Taking On The Charger 392 The Charger in white, which appears to be the Charger 392, is the first vehicle the Mustang EcoBoost encounters. 

The red Mustang looks fairly beautiful under the floodlights as the two vehicles warm up their tyres in preparation for their drag race.

It appears as though the Mustang can claw its way into the lead when the race gets going, 

and it does win with a pass time of 12.443 seconds and a high speed of 111.97 mph. 

This contrasts with the Charger's 13.302 second pass time and 105.13 mph peak speed. 

Another view of the run shows the EcoBoost Mustang firmly in front as it approaches the finish line.

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