It has opening doors, a detailed interior, and a design straight from Fast 8.

In this brief piece, we will try to keep any allusions to family, Corona, or quarter-mile life to a minimum. 

Every time we see something linked to the Fast and Furious franchise, it's difficult to avoid making such jokes. We could succeed this time since this handmade Charger model is so awesome.

It's the result of a recent Awesome Woodcraft video, and we've seen this channel transform wood blocks into automotive greatness before. 

In this case, the focus is unmistakably Fast 8's ice-dancing Dodge Charger driven by Dominic Toretto. 

It's difficult to just construct an identifiable Dodge Charger out of wood. 

This model qualifies as legitimate art because to the added body components and carved-out features that relate it to a particular movie automobile.

Yes, it begins with sturdy wood pieces. A roof, front grille, and trunk are used to link two sides, as we've seen in earlier designs.

Doors are removed and replaced with ornate doors. On a solid plank, wheels are attached to wooden axles after being formed on a lathe. 

The woody Charger has a built inside, is secured to the chassis, and has a polished appearance thanks to a layer of stain. Simple as pie, right?

You should be aware by now how difficult such woodworking is. Yes, the video is titled "how to carve Dom's Dodge Ice Charger," and in a strict sense, it does outline the process. 

A 12-minute montage, though, doesn't adequately convey the hours spent chiselling, cutting, sanding, 

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