Dodge is making waves in the compact SUV segment with the performance-oriented 2023 Hornet GT.

Dodge has finally entered a new market after almost ten years of remaking previous models. 

This new compact crossover gives the business a new taste and aids in drawing in new customers.

The Hornet and the Italian car's brother, the Alfa Romeo Tonale, share a lot of storage spaces.

There are two versions of the Hornet available on the market: GT and R/T. 

In order to anticipate the future, Dodge designed the R/T model with the latest electric schemes. 

The GT variant puts more of an emphasis on performance and lighting the sector on fire. Let's examine the 2023 Dodge Hornet GT's features in greater depth.

Designed To Be The Cool Subcompact SUV The Tonale's sheet metal and basic shape are almost identical to the Hornet's. 

There are certain retro design cues that pay homage to the earlier Hornet name, and the front fascia and hood are exclusive to the Hornet model. 

The front grille and headlights were modified for an SUV body, drawing inspiration from the now-gone Dodge Dart car. 

There are various vents underneath it that let out fresh air and add additional lighting.

The sides are quite indistinguishable from the vast majority of other compact SUVs on the market today, except for the little Dodge Hornet badges on the fenders.

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