The Tesla Cybertruck is quickly rising to fame in the automobile industry. 

Although it does exist and people have seen it, few people should anticipate seeing one any time soon. 

People are anticipating future Tesla EVs thanks to the Cyber Rodeo that marked the Texas Gigafactory's launch, but what about the Cybertruck?

Is the Cyber Rodeo enough to get consumers excited about Tesla?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, earned rousing applause and even brought members of the audience to tears as he provided updates on the company's development. 

In many respects, the opening of a Texas Tesla Gigafactory is a big success for the company's image. 

Musk boasts that the new Gigafactory would enable the corporation to create more EVs close to home.

The factory is the largest manufacturing building in the world in terms of volume and is situated in Austin, Texas. 

The Gigafactory is referred to by Musk as "the machine that makes the machine." 

The Gigafactory is spectacular, but will it offset waning interest in Tesla electric vehicles as the company's share of the worldwide market shrinks?

Companies like Volkswagen are competing heavily with Tesla on the global stage.