The American automaker, known for high-horsepower V-8 engines, showed what its new eMuscle could look like and said a concept is coming in 2022.

In the near future, Dodge will start selling an electric muscle car under the eMuscle brand. 

The Detroit-based carmaker offered us a sneak peek at the potential front end of the new Dodge EV, and it looks suitably old. The new Dodge EV will be on sale in 2024.

It's unclear at this time if the next Dodge EV will be a four-door Charger or two-door Challenger electric model. 

On the car's grille, Dodge emblazoned the Fratzog emblem that it utilised in the 1960s and 1970s. 

According to Dodge, doing so is "a hint to the future, which will usher in another great automotive period—the era of the electric muscle car."

The parent company of Dodge, Stellantis, said that it has four platforms specifically designed for electric vehicles, 

three of which are unibody designs with ranges of 300 to 500 miles. 

The new electric muscle vehicle is anticipated to utilise its STLA big platform, which has a range of up to 500 miles.

Look for more information on Dodge's electric future shortly. 

The carmaker may possibly introduce hybrid cars to its inventory. Today, Jeep and Ram also revealed their electrification strategies.

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