One vehicle stands out among the 2022 vehicles that are now in the design and prototype stages. 

Recent leaks of the exterior and interior designs of the 2022 Honda Civic suggest that the company has toned down the look from the outgoing model.

The Honda Civic has drawn attention throughout the years despite being a little automobile. 

And the next generation won't be any different either. 

You'll either love it or loathe it, though, because of how drastically different each model is from the previous one. AutoTrader provides a sneak preview of the 2022 model.

What does the 11th-gen Honda Civic bring as far as styling?

The style of Honda's 10th-gen vehicle was criticised by some as being excessive. 

While some people thought it was attractive, others felt there was simply too much going on. 

The company appears to have scaled down on the style somewhat now that the 11th generation is available.

The Honda Civic of 2022 is less complicated than earlier models. Although it is elegant and refined, there aren't any sweeping stylistic arcs like in the past. 

Although it looked beautiful, AutoTrader questioned whether it would stand up well with younger drivers.

The Civic borrows a few design cues from its Acura TLX-related cousin, including an apparent larger front bonnet and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

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