The Telluride SUV was upgraded by Kia for 2023. However, it still doesn't provide the same level of usefulness as the Kia Carnival. 

 In a sport utility vehicle, the "U" should stand for utility, and if utility is what you're after, the Kia Carnival could come out on top in a Telluride vs.

Carnival comparison. The 2023 Carnival is identical to the 2022 model save from a few convenience features and a little price difference.

Carnival vs. Telluride? It may come down to styling

We acknowledge that minivans aren't exactly hip. However, observe the Carnival. It's not really an SUV or a van, either. 

A MPV, according to Kia. For 2022, the Sedona minivan was replaced by the brand-new Carnival.

 Its exterior appearance straddles the line between a minivan and an SUV, much like the now-retired Ford Flex.

It doesn't make the claim that it can go off-road; it can't. Instead, it's a big, well-equipped people transporter with eight seats and front-wheel drive.

In contrast, Telluride, particularly the upgraded version, is more stylish when compared to Carnival.

 Although Kia revised everything else for 2023, the specification sheet remains the same. 

The Telluride now has a new front and back design as well as updated interior options, although it can still accommodate up to eight people. 

In addition, it is available in the sportier X-Line and X-Pro trim levels, which offer it considerable off-road capability.

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