Fans of fingerprint sensors will undoubtedly be curious about Touch ID on the iPhone 14. 

Competing Android phones have devised a variety of innovative solutions, whether it be through an in-display fingerprint sensor or one placed on the power button. 

So, Touch ID is there on the iPhone 14? The essential details are shown below.

Does iPhone 14 have Touch ID? iPhone 14 does not have Touch ID. It doesn’t have an in-display fingerprint sensor, nor does it have a power button fingerprint sensor.

Why doesn’t the iPhone 14 have Touch ID fingerprint unlock?

Apple obviously didn't want Touch ID on the iPhone 14 to begin with. Users must make do with Face ID, which has been available on iPhones since the iPhone X, as an alternative.

The business has decided not to add a fingerprint sensor on any of the new iPhone 14 models, despite the fact that other contemporary Apple products do so.

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