The storied Dodge Ram pickup vehicles may be remembered by older pickup customers. 

Dodge and Ram still share technology and dealerships today, although Ram is no longer a subsidiary of Dodge. 

The two brands are actually a part of a third, bigger firm.

Are Ram trucks still owned by Dodge? Ram trucks became a separate brand starting with the 2010 model year. 

Ram trucks and Dodge share a parent business and a great deal of technology. But Ram is not owned by Dodge.

A significant American vehicle manufacturer is Chrysler company, better known as MOPAR. 

It is regarded as one of the "Big Three" or "Detroit Three" automakers, together with General Motors and Ford.

Chrysler Corporation and Dodge united far back in 1928. For the allied soldiers during World War Two, the new business invented dependable 4WD. 

After the war, Dodge released the Power Wagon, the first factory-equipped 4WD vehicle. 

The firm marketed a number of automobiles under the Ram moniker. 

Then, starting in 1981, every 2WD and 4WD pickup truck was given the Dodge Ram and Dodge Power Ram badges.

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