One of America's most recognisable supercars is the Dodge Viper. It's an offensive vehicle with an offensive performance, 

which is all the market could ask for in a domestic supercar. 

The 8.3L V10 engine under the hood of our Viper is one of the largest motors I've ever seen in a car, though the size can vary somewhat across trims and years.

The Dodge Viper can be dangerous in the hands of an unskilled driver or even a skilled driver on the incorrect road conditions.

The car nicknamed the ‘widow-maker’ I can't really dispute with the term "widow-maker" that the Dodge Viper has carried for years. 

The vehicles are as deadly to operate as they are stunning, but with the proper driver, they have the potential to be amazing track-ready vehicles. 

A new Dodge Viper used to cost a premium, but since they are no longer being produced, 

they appear to have retained a good portion of their value, which varies according on the model year and trim level.

Fortunately for enthusiasts of the vehicle, certain earlier models are now more reasonably priced secondhand, 

and you may occasionally get them for between $35,000 and $65,000. 

Of course, this isn't always the case for vehicles in outstanding condition, those with low mileage, or those with specific trim levels.

A car of the experienced driver

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