Dodge's current muscle cars will go out with a bang with several special edition models and for the first time, a Challenger convertible.

The future of Dodge and their extensive portfolio of muscle cars become apparent as "Speed Week" at the renowned Woodward Avenue in Detroit nears its midpoint. 

Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge, stated on Monday that the 20-year-old L-series body would not be abandoned without a fight, 

since the Dodge faithful were concerned about the eventual electrification of their beloved gas guzzlers.

After revealing their two-year "Never Lift" strategy over the weekend, Kuniskis said they would be making a number of announcements  ....

over the following three days about their existing and upcoming muscle lines as well as a brand-new concept car.

With their eagerly awaited electric vehicle designs, Dodge intends to keep its present owners satisfied while luring a new audience. 

According to Kuniskis, their production is located at "the core of street performance." 

However, the Challenger, Charger, and Durango from the L-series were the focus of their live webcast on Monday.

Going Out With A Bang After releasing the next "Dragpak," Kuniskis' announcements begin with a bang in an effort to properly conclude the L-series.

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